Met an ex-colleague whom I haven't seen for years, and she mentioned something about my newest class. "How did you know?" I was so surprised 'cause she just told me she had also left the company.
Anyway, I benefited from my own deeds from like ten or so years ago, which was pretty neat. My ex-colleague told a student in class something nice about me. I couldn't have known there's a story behind if I hadn't met her today. So, karma does exits; you just don't know when it will come back to you.

在街上碰到一位前同事,聊起最近狀況。同事說起了我的新班,讓我訝異的不得了,這同事也離職了一陣子,怎麼會知道? 她說跟一位同學講起我是怎樣的老師,聽了覺得很感動。我一邊走路一邊想,業真的存在,你只是不知道它什麼時候會回到你的身上。我今天被自己十多年前做的事 碰觸了一下而且受益了。



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